Sunday, October 23, 2016

Rosegal Dress Review - Pretty Summer Dress

Owing to my shopping addiction, I recently bought yet ANOTHER dress from one of my most-stalked online shops Rosegal. I heard about their shop ages ago from my friends, and they said that they had cheap but cute dresses which were quite good. Their shop is pretty famous, since they've been around for a long time. So being the curious cat that I am, I decided to order a Zig Zag-pattered dress from them.

What arrived in the mail was delightful- the dress is made from high-quality lined material, and it was actually fully lined so it isn't see through. I hate it when dresses I buy online are not lined because the manufacturers are too cheap to add the inner lining and want to save costs. But with this dress, there was no problems. I'm quite happy about this, and the pattern's quite gorgeous and striking! I'm always on the lookout for sharper colours since it makes you look more unique. Sometimes, plain colors are too boring for me.

I would say that the fit is also just right- I am a UK Size 8 and I ordered Size M, and it fits in the right places. Take a look at some of the photos of the dress below, compared to the stock image!

Overall, I'm happy with this dress. Rosegal seems to have much more to offer, but I'd say with careful selection you won't really go wrong. After all, online shops are so much cheaper than real shops! I'm such a fashion addict.

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