Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fashionmia Haul - Black and White Wrap Dress

Loving my new outfit from Fashionmia ( a cute little dress shop which sells a huge range of clothing, tops and shoes. I bought a black and white striped dress on their top for a cheap price and it came within around 2 weeks- so shipping was fine. No major problems here, and the dress was quite good quality. It was heavy and soft, and I liked the black and white pattern of the skirt. 

One thing about the dress is that it's quite low- so I had to wear a tank top inside it. I would prefer it to be one-piece since I'm a lazy person, but it can't be worn by itself since it's much too revealing! But what do you think of my outfit? 

The bad thing about this dress is that it's a wrap dress, so it's quite hard to wear- I had to wrap it around my body and tie it at the front, which was a bit of a hassel. However, once on, it looked fantastic. The quality and everything is fine, so I'm pleased with my order.

University's starting again- I'm feeling a bit blue so I'm going to wear more nice dresses to cheer myself up. Don't you think clothing makes everything a little bit better? I'm not sure but I hope I do well this year and get into a masters program!

It was my birthday yesterday and my boyfriend sent me flowers in the post since we are long distance. It was so sweet! More on that soon!

Check out their store and let me know what you think!


  1. Happy B-Day! I think it's very good order and this skirt looks fabulous on you :-)


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