Monday, May 19, 2014

Top Spreepicky Picks + Review of Dress

I'd like to introduce you to Spree Picky, possibly the cutest online store I've ever seen! They sell a range of cute Lolita and Japanese-styled products, and they're absolutely adorable, trust me! I couldn't believe their range of products when I first checked out their shop. They sell dresses, accessories, tights, socks, cosplay items, jackets and pants, along with many other super cute things.

I bought a pair of cat ears and a dress that looked super Kawaii, and they're really great quality. The ears were fluffy and white, and came with tiny bells on both sides. They're clip on ears, but Spree Picky sells cat ear headbands and hair ties too! I really love them for halloween or for when me and my best friend wants a fun night out at the club (yes we wear cat ears to the club >_<). 

The dress is fabulous, and of top quality. The dress is made from chiffon and it has an inside layer to avoid seeing through the inside. In fact, I got a lot of compliments on the Black and White dress from SpreePicky, and my friends all said that it looked amazing on me. I love the simple design and the Japanese vibe that the dress gives off. It can be worn for formal and informal situations and it looks stunning. Honestly, the quality of their dresses is top notch-thick, light and comfortable. I can even say it is better than some of the highstreet dresses that I find in Hong Kong or in shopping malls- and I swear this is true!

Do check out Spree Picky and let me know what you think! 


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