Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sleek MakeUp 'I Divine' Eyeshadow In Oh So Special + MaxFactor Lip Infinity (Red) Review

Sleek MakeUp 'I Divine' Eyeshadow Review

Hey lovelies! It's ball season this month, with exams nearly out of the way. I was lucky enough to receive a package from Beautifeyea UK-based makeup and contact lens store to review two of their new products. Sleek MakeUp 'I Divine' Eyeshadow In Oh So Special is an eyeshadow palette with 12 shades of super-pigmented, longlasting, mineral based eyeshadow, designed to suit everyone. Each eyeshadow contains pearly, vibrant shades, which contain mica particles that highlight and illuminate giving an overal radiant effect. 

This eyeshadow palette includes ultra flattering pink and brown shades that will suit all your needs, whether it be for a party or for a ball. I used it for several events recently, so hopefully this review will be useful for you girls who want to buy a new eye makeup palette.

PRODUCT: 9/10 - 
I really loved this product because it came in a thin, sleek black box, which meant that it was easy to carry around in your purse or handbag. Also, the makeup palette contained 12 colours, which meant that it's great for every occasion. I particularly like the pink and blue shimmering eyeshadows, which complemented my skin colour really well. 

The colours applied really well onto my skin, and they were really obvious even from afar. This is good if you're going after a heavy smokey eyed look, but also great if you want something lighter, like for parties and job interviews. As you can see in my pictures, the shadow's pigmentation colors turn out lovely in pictures. 

TEXTURE: 10/10 -
The palette is mineral-based, so I really liked the texture of this eyeshadow. It was  non-flaky and not powdery, but quite heavy and covered your eyelids really well. The fact that it is mineral based meant that it's matte and also shiny, depending on your colours! 

I applied brown, dark brown and black to my eyelids for a formal ball, and the makeup lasted for over 5 hours without me having to re-apply. I think that in terms of long-lasting effects, this palette is quite good. However, I think after 5-6 hours, you would have to re-apply to get the best effect. Either that, or apply double coats beforehand. 

The box came with a makeup smudge stick which was good for applying, although I found the stick too thick for my tiny eyes. But the eyeshadow was really easy to apply with the smudge stick, or even with my own brushes. You can even use your fingers, and it washes off very well with a little bit of cleanser. 

MaxFactor Lipfinity (Red 120) Review

 Buy Max Factor Lipfinity Lipstick - 120 Hot on - £9.99 

The second product I am going to review is the Max Factor Lipfinity lip tint.  The obvious strength of this lip tint is that it offers incredible color that really does last all day. With a semi permanent colour and a shine boosting moisturising topcoat there’s no need to reapply, even after eating and drinking throughout your day – no matter how long it is, your lipstick’s still on!

The application is not as simple as other lip tints- I had to apply the semi permanent colour bottom coat (mine's in red) that keeps the colour tone all day. Then after applying the first tone, I had to apply the transparent 'top-coat', which came in a vaseline-like stick and provided added moisture and shine. The results? A red pair of lips that isn't too tacky, quite vibrant and had the staying power of a horse.

It was also quite matte if you just used the bottom coating without the top coat, so if you like matte lipsticks, this product would be good value for money because you can use it as two products.

I really think that few other lip tints have the staying power of Lipfinity, which can last for up to 12 hours! I'd highly recommend this lip tint to those who want a long-lasting lip effect, perfect for all-night ball events and formal occasions that last all night.


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