Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dolly Eye Crystal.i Hazel - Circle Lens Review

It's exam time and what's the best way to de-stress? You guessed it - review a new pair of circle lens! I'm a huge fan of coloured contact lens, although I know it isn't practical to wear them everyday. I ordered a pair of Dolly Eye Crystal i Hazel lens (14.5mm in diameter) from the awesome circle lens shop UNIQSO (  to wear as part of a special day, and I thought I'd try them on today because the weather was lovely and I was heading out. Here's my review with lots of pictures so you can see what they look like! 

Price: $17.90
PROS: It came in a lovely little box and was really quick to deliver. Also, the circle lens were well-designed and looked really natural and not too light in color, so it would be perfect for those of you with brown or dark eyes. I also like the enlarging effect- it is quite obvious and makes your eyes look bigger, so I would say it looks better with makeup on than a bare face. I also think that the pattern is very beautiful because it is slightly mixed and has 2-3 tones of color. Also, I wore them for 7 hours without irritation, so they can be worn for a long time and are very comfortable! I got lots of compliments and felt more confident wearing these lenses~ 

CONS: There isn't many at all- I really love this pair of lens and they're really comfortable, even with sensitive eyes like mine. The only thing I would say is be careful with the size- it is 14.5mm in diameter, which is quite large and if you don't have big eyes, I'd recommend either wearing more makeup with these lens or choosing a smaller pair of lens on UNIQSO's website. 

I managed to get a 10% discount code to use on UNIQSO's website for all you readers! Simply enter "FANTAILFLO" at checkout to get some money off- and the lenses are affordable and cheap! 

Please check their contact lens store out and let me know what you think of my look and leather jacket! Let's all survive this Easter term! 

Use my code "SAVE" for 10% off! 


  1. Even if with this enlargement, they look kinda natural!

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