Monday, June 2, 2014

Bow and Crossbones Shop- Feature

Ever wanted to wear matching earrings and a necklace for your party? I've been going to a lot of events lately around campus and school, since exams are almost over and it's summertime soon. I want to introduce you to my latest favourite shop online- Bow and Crossbones - they're vintage, sassy and hip.  

Just a little about the shop- they're dedicated to bringing vintage, retro and rockin pieces to girls who like rare, unique and hip pieces of jewellery and accessories. Bow & Crossbones sells vintage-inspired items such as glittering confetti filled earrings, brooches and necklaces inspired by Tiki and Rockabilly fashions. If you're new to this blog, you'll know that I'm actually a vintage-loving girl. I really enjoy dressing up my inner 90s girl! 

So I did a little online ordering and bought a Sacred Heart Necklace (Silver) for £11.99  and a pair of matching Silver swallow earrings to go with them. I needed them for a party and thought they'd be perfect for my vintage dress that night. So here are the pictures from my lovely package which came in the mail soon afterwards... 

Aren't they beautiful? I love swallow-inspired pieces, because birds symbolise freedom, heaven and paradise. I think birds are the epitome of vintage-styled designs, because they capture the free spirit that's inside all of us. Not only are the earrings light and shiny, the necklace was also the perfect thickness to go with a heavy dress. It's really good quality too, and felt sturdy and unbreakable. I received a lot of complements when I wore the matching earrings and necklace at my party, everyone asked me where I got it from!

So check out Bow and Crossbones! Their stuff is absolutely fantastic and chic!


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