Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to Boil Eggs using a Kettle

Have you ever wanted to boil an egg for breakfast, lunch munches or a late night snack, and just didn't have the time ? For me, living alone in a tiny room (temporarily, thank goodness) means that sometimes I just want to cook and enjoy a hot snack, rather than sandwiches and bread all the time. I have always loved eating eggs, whether boiled or scrambled or fried, but boiling eggs are definitely the healthiest choice since you don't add sodium and all the oil. 
Because I wanted to change my currently unhealthy food choices, I went to the supermarket and bought a box of free range large eggs. I loved the packaging and was eager to try some eggs for dinner.   

Here's a quick and easy way to boil an egg without taking out all your pots and pans. My method, although not an unheard one, will mean you don't even have to leave your chair or the comforts of your bedroom to be able to enjoy some delicious and healthy hard boiled eggs. 

What You'll Need
  • Hard boiled eggs 
  • Kettle
  • Water / Access to a tap 
  • Socket

  1. Fill your kettle halfway or slightly over the halfway mark with water. 
  2. Take two or three hard boiled eggs and slowly, gently lower then into the kettle. You can put as many eggs as you can fit without the kettle overflowing past the maximum line. 
  3. Shut the lid and press the "Boil" button. Wait 2 minutes until the water boils. 
  4. Press the boiling button again for added measure and let it boil again for 2 minutes. You can also hold the "Boil" button down if the kettle refuses to let you boil the already-hot water. 
  5. Let the eggs sit in the boiling water for 5-7 minutes. 
  6. Pour out the water into the sink. Take eggs out. Peel and enjoy. 

I've tried this several times this week, and I have to say that it is such a quick and easy method that requires no equipment except what I already have. My kettle is something I bought from the supermarket for a very low cost, and it is a tiny Travel Kettle. Even though it is tiny, it can already fit 2 - 4 eggs.

A very appropriate song and video to go with this foodie tutorial 

So - my kettle egg boiling method is perfect for starving students like myself. I'd love to hear back from those who are reading this - have you tried this before ?


  1. Hello Florence! :D

    Thank you for leaving comments on my blog, I just love to read them and they make my day :)
    I LOVE EGGS, I eat them everyday and never get sick of them :P I'm a hard-boiled egg fan too. I like dipping the egg in soy sauce, I don't know if any other people do that though :P

    And regarding pears, I'm the same as you, I never liked pears till I started eating the green ones called Packham pear, they are super delicious. They're juicy and sweet and tart in the same time, I eat them every single day now :P


  2. Ohhh that's really fast in
    10 minutes! Mostly it takes
    like 20 or so when boiling
    eggs in a pan o:

    I'm gonna try this out!

  3. cool post! following your blog now :)

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