Saturday, November 10, 2012

Excitement and a rumbly stomach

I spent yesterday evening, yes, a lonely Friday night, taking photos and recording my first ever circle lens experience! was kind enough to send me a pair of beautiful GEO Starmish Gray Princess Mimi Medical lens that were 14.5mm and in beautiful dark colour! Here is a small preview of what I was up to last night ... a good way to spend a Friday night ? 

I'll post a full review soon so do remember to check it out my lovely readers! Much more photos to come with reviews, ratings and more...

Anyways. I've been feeling slightly behind in many things recently. Sometimes, you just get the feeling that there's LOTS to be done but not much time, or that there are weeks when we just feel quite lazy, slow or not motivated to work. I don't know - am I supposed to enjoy these days where I do not achieve much in terms of actual productivity ? Or are these days really bad and are we supposed to work every day of our lives ? People nowadays are very focused on development, be it economic, social or in terms of money. Is this the only way to measure success?

I have to admit, I'm a work-a-holic, and yet I'm quite listless and "lazy" sometimes. By that I mean, I don't enjoy working too much, but if I don't work hard until I'm really stressed, I end up feeling guilty and angry. For not pushing myself to the limit. It's like a constant state of conflict - self inflicted ones! 

If only I can be as carefree as my little dear dog! I know, it's strange to envy animals, but still... I can't help going all soft when I see this furry little animal. He's such a free spirit. Even with a boomerang on his neck.  

Need. To. Relax. And stay strong. And must limit the amount of pears I'm eating every day (I'm totally loving pears right now - so much that I'm getting a rumbly stomach!). If you are going through tough times, hard days, hard nights and a difficult time in life right now, whatever small or big things that are happening right now, I believe that you just got to KEEP TELLING YOURSELF to stay powerful, stay brave and live with it. Some days things will be better, and that's what keeps me (and you too) going. Listening to music or going to the gym always helps me too. 


Some tunes for this tough November week: 
Milo Greene - Silent Way

Milo Greene - 1957


  1. Omg, its scary how much I relate to your post! :P I have been lazy all week too even though I feel as if my homework at school is piling up and there's so many things to do but I just don't feel like doing them. I've not been productive at all lately, I feel like I've been slacking alot but in the same time I feel as if maybe my life is too hectic sometimes and I should relax some days. I'm lazy but in the same time I'm very concerned that maybe I'm too lazy, it's confusing and complicated :P I'm such a confusing girl! :P

    I have been addicted to pears over the last few months too! Can't stop eating them, my fridge is fully stocked with pears! :p they're just too dang delicious, I can't stop! xD

    Your picture is so cute, you're so beautiful! ;D

    Hope you have a good weekend:)

  2. Pretty selcas! You really have a nice skin. I wonder if you have already posted a skincare routine post of yours.

    My little brother loves pears as well. We stop buying them for him to stop eating it once in a while.

  3. The dog! :> Can I have him? :D I kid, I kid. :D


  4. I often felt down when I tried and worked so hard and the result is far from my expectation
    It's often happen to me, sometime I feel there's no point to continue what I'm doing now,
    But when I look back and realize that I've come so far, it's a waste if I give up too quickly
    A month from now you'll step closer to what you want to achieve, mistakes really do teaches a lot

    I'm absolutely agree with your statement to keep telling yourself to be strong

  5. i love your blog layout ) and you look really cute the contacts look great :)

  6. Thanks Flo :)

    I know what you mean about envying cute puppies. They look so adorable and only have to worry about having fun, eat, and sleep. But you never know, maybe they have their own doggy woes. (omg why I sound so sappy and gross)

    mad love,
    Nancy :D

    1. Aw Nancy, I can't reply to you on your blog. But your reply made me giggle :)
      Doggy woes!

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