Thursday, November 29, 2012

Beauty is...

gif cd, cassette gif
up gif
cauldron cake, cauldron cakes
cauldron cake, cauldron cakes
Cauldron Cakes!
book rain gif
book cupcake, cupcake novel

swing pedophile, swing pedophillic
A week of: exhaustion, tears, laughter, melancholy, hysterics, window-shopping, singing and feeling bogged down by stresses. I wonder whether there's a day when stress flies out the window because the concept of being stress just disappeared from the world. Can human beings do anything without pressure or stress ? Maybe if we get rid of stress, there'd be no work done. Zero output. But when does stress become too much ? :( 

Had a semi-serious moment of sadness yesterday. Balancing life and work was just too hard, too much. Just sat there and felt overwhelmed. Did you know tears help the crier by expelling the stress hormones, excess potassium (which stimulates nervous impulses) and excess sodium, toxics and other proteins from your blood to help relieve stress? 

Thought I'd post an update from my cyber-life  too. I always save the beauty I find in the virtual world. To de-stress means to scroll through tumblr (hoping my computer doesn't crash, as it periodically does) and stare at the vibrant images that a creative genius made... somewhere...sometime... enjoy! 


Band of the week - The Knife 


  1. Stress can have a positive side,
    it makes you work harder and focus but
    having constant stress all the time
    is not good for you either.. it's a
    balance thing I guess!

    Ah! The chocolate mouse cup thing
    is brilliant!!


  2. love this post! the gifs are sooo cool!

  3. I love the pictures you posted :) Especially the UP ones. I hope you're doing fine and not too overly stressed. I'm pretty sure too much stress isn't good for people :P Sometimes I tend to endure my stress and hold all my pain and feelings in till I can't hold it in no more then in the end I burst into tears and feel relieved. I feel better after crying, like I let out all that I've been through, all that yucky stress :) The pictures on Tumblr never fail to make me happy, it's so fun to browse through GIFs and inspirational pictures on Tumblr, thank God for Tumblr :)

    Have a good week ahead!:)

  4. Ahh stress. Sometimes I love it, most time I hate it. I think sometimes, we need a good cry. That's what I usually end up doing when I feel overwhelmed anyways. I panic and can't think properly so then I cry, get it out of my system, and then create to-do lists. Therapeutic. :)

    It's been a tough week for everyone I know. But like my roommate's manager at work says, "bad things come in threes. There's only up from here". :)

    mad love,
    Nancy :D

  5. I love the photos so cute my favorite ones are the from the movie up!! Too cute great animations.

    PS. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog and would love to follow each other if you like. Come visit soon.

    <3 Marina

  6. sooo cute :) love those photos you published :)
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    Nice blog you have dear ♥
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