Friday, November 2, 2012

Exercise .... Rants

So I decided to clean up my unhealthy lifestyles (too much junk food and coffee .... And chocolates ) by joining a gym. I went really diligently for three days and was really proud of my workout summaries. The machine was kind enough to post these blue screenshots for me up !

Then... I had a huge night out with friends and pigged out on a buffet... Therefore now I'm a bit sad, stuffed and feeling down since I "undid" all my hard work at the gym !


I'm feeling guilty everyone! My attempts at getting fit isn't getting anywhere, and I'm gaining more food weight more than anything... And it seems my appetite is actually getting larger... I learned that it takes so much dedication, energy and fitness motivation to actually exercise every few days. Should I continue with the gym ? Even though I end up eating everything back ? 

My question to you all is - do you go to the gym ? Are you a gym lover, or a person who doesn't exercise ? Do you ever eat back everything you exercised off earlier on ? 


  1. they say it takes two weeks to change a habit! the more you exercise, the more you'll want to resist over-eating afterwards because you're working hard at the gym and you don't want to undo it! becoming healthy is a slow process, but keep reminding yourself that in the long run it'll pay off! good luck <3


  2. Wah, you really work hard!! I used to go to gym so often but heavy activities at uni makes me really tired and sick even for spending an hour in treadmill :(
    I wish to get to gym more after seeing you work so hard! Thanks for motivating me. Haha :P xx


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