Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just a small update on last week's weekend: Sunday was a good day. Went shopping and brought a lot - I'll do a post on today's haul after I take some pictures, but I brought a lot within budget! Found an amazing boutique which was closing down, so they had a final sale... Went and literally scrambled all around the place grabbing anything nice I can find. 

Jumping back a little to Saturday - had a great evening (uneventful morning, didn't do nothing except eat, sleep, eat, sleep, watch youtube, drink, eat, eat) with the cousins and played on the guitar. I'm such a poor guitar player but I need to practice. I even have calluses on my fingers now! Which means only one thing - rough hands. Torn skin. Hard rough skin! Urgh. Does anyone know how to get rid of them ? 

Anyway, we tried (unsuccessfully) to take a few "rock" / vintage / old/ classic rockstar pictures. The little ones love taking photos, but all we had was my iphone. It ran out of battery after a few takes. Don't laugh at our attempt. 

Apparently, if I take off my huge glasses (yes I still wear huge glasses, and I mean HUGE!) the little cousins said I look Korean! Hmph, I get that a lot... when I was in UK last year, some strangers were chatting to themselves when I walked past and they said I looked Korean! Of course, they're chatting in Chinese, so I totally understand everything they said. They didn't know it though ... 

Have you ever overheard something someone said when they don't know you understood ? 


  1. At least you can play the guitar. Better to be poor at it than not be able to play it all; you can always improve. Maybe one day you can form a rock band with your cousins! :D

    I'll definitely check it out too. ^^

  2. haha so cute! i love playing guitar :)

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  3. Yes! I thought you were korean at first. Nice photos. =)

  4. hey hey, pretty Flo! making happy memories with the cousins, I see. That's good stuff. Some of my happiest, funnest childhood memories were with my cousins. ((smiles))

  5. Hahaha I slightly agree with them you look korean ;) my spectacles now are huge too but I seldom wear them I never feel comfy with specs, I might wear them more often next semester on classes :D

    The t-shirts are cute especially the zombies one!! :D

    I wish to learn guitar, I might start to save now to buy one :D


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