Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Late Update

Hey girls (and guys) it's been a long time since my last update but here goes the beginning of *cough *cough* some more updates (hopefully!) .

Been super busy this year and summer's been really LAZY! I haven't done anything productive , nor can I really, in this heat. Hong Kong's really heaty and fizzling with UV rays. It's all long sleeves and jeans for me, except when I'm indoors.

Hmmm.... how about some pics ? 

All those pictures were taken within a few months, some out of town, some in town with family. What changed ? My hair definitely got longer, but I got it trimmed a few weeks ago so it's sort of ... long but not too long now. And did I mention how delicious that fish was ? Yum, love fish. 

Anyways, I got to review 2 products in the next few posts, so that's something to keep in mind ! 

Thanks and lots of love for all you who kept visiting me on this blog! :D 


Song of the Week: 
Teenage Icon - The Vaccines


  1. Flo! we missed you too
    glad to hear from you again :)

    go back blogging soon!

    The Sweetest Escape 
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  2. Ooh, awesome, you're back! The fish look great and I love seafood too. ^^

  3. Great update. Glad you are back. Looking forward to more of your post!

  4. Missed your gorgeous! Are you back in Hong KOng for your summer holidays? :)Hope to see more updates from you soon! ^^


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