Sunday, August 19, 2012

Feature: Wicky Tees !

This post will be featuring an online cool t-shirt store because I want to share something that may, or may not be new to you readers... Wicky Tees!

Wicky Tees is a cheap online retail funny t-shirt design store, founded by an awesome guy who was obsessed with cool and funny t-shirts so that he could express himself in many different ways, that was his ultimate goal.  He believed that everyone of us, should have his or her own way to express themselves.  Thus Wicky Tees was born - the best way to dress yourself in style with adult sensibility. 

As a company, Wicky Tees is proud to be the source of 
funny t-shirts and graphic tees provider with its excellent customer service, fast order process, and innovative designs. 

Well, I certainly laughed a lot at their selection of 'Humorous and Offensive' t-shirts (for both guys and girls)... they're hilarious and totally rude. Some examples include:

Professional Taco Inspector tee
Super cute Zombie Expression Graphic Tee 
Bigfoot Graphic Tee

My favourites though, are more of the special types of t-shirts. I spent ages admiring Wicky Tees's coolest EL T-Shirts (ElectroLuminescence) that follow to the beat of music! As a music lover, I have always seen these cool t-shirts out and about in clubs, but never thought that one day I can pre-order my light-up t-shirt so cheaply and so fast...

Price: $24.00 - Cute Baby DJ EL Tee

Price: $24.00 - Scary Pumpkin EL Tee

Just some last words: has loads of cool designs and Funny T Shirts for all of you guys! And they ship worldwide too! Any order over $20 will qualify for FREE SHIPPING and it's only for customers within the U.S. 

As you may know, I love reviewing and wearing t-shirts for any occasion, so remember to check out their cool designs and maybe you will find something you're interested in. 

They also host a "Win a Free t-shirt" competition regularly on their Facebook Page - so go ahead and check it out and you can get your free t-shirt! Thank you Wicktytees  for this post sponsorship - I certainly enjoyed browsing through the retro gallery and LOTS of t-shirts!

How about you - do you own any ElectroLuminescence t-shirts ? Do you wear them and get a lot of attention ? I want to hear your thoughts and comments! 


  1. I love the zombie print. Haha.=)

  2. Haha, the retired one is funny and so true, when you've got a job or are a student. XD


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