Sunday, August 26, 2012

Camera Craving

Am craving a camera that can take pictures like these.... all I've got is my low resolution iphone, of which I use the self camera in the front (even lower res ... boo) to take photos. On good days, I use my macbook pro's webcam, which is also quite blurry although the lighting effect's better.

Am so wishing I can get a camera someday. A DSLR Nikon one. Or Canon.

iPhone shot - in taxi on the way home ... oh the blurrrr 
Any of you have professional cameras ? What did you use before to take pictures ? And most importantly, are professional cameras good for self portraits ?

Song of my week (bloody catchy song):
Fun - All Alone


  1. ahh this post has given me so much hair inspiration :) I think professional cameras are good for self portraits if you have a tripod and wireless remote. I find it pretty hard to take selfies since I don't have a wireless remote x

  2. all you need is a point and shoot camera :) oh and a tripod is good to have too.

  3. love those photos :). I think those photos are edited with photoshop or something else. Fun. <3 I love the bonus track out on the town :)

  4. I think those photos are edited to look cool. A lot of girls at my school will use expensive, fancy cameras with high megapixels and the whole works, only to edit them and make them look vintage. I'm also looking for a new camera, so good luck to us both! ^^

  5. I hope that you will have that kind of camera very soon!

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  6. A DSLR would be great!! I just had my digicam though but it's really cute and enough for me. I'm not a photographer so simple digicam is enough for me. I hope you get the best camera for you :)


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