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Transformative Life Coaching With Naudia Salmon - My Thoughts

I recently had the pleasure of attending a coaching session with Naudia Salmon, and I feel incredibly grateful for the experience. Naudia's approach to coaching is truly unique and inspiring, making it a transformative journey that I will never forget.

About Naudia and her coaching style

From the moment the session began, I genuinely felt Naudia's passion and dedication. She introduced herself as a certified coach, transformational coach, and founder of We Drifters, a purpose-led brand that creates bamboo anti-insect sleepwear which I featured before on this very blog! Her journey is fascinating, particularly her decision to leave her corporate job and travel the world. This adventure was not just about exploring new places; it was about reconnecting with herself and reassessing what truly mattered in her life.

Naudia's coaching style is deeply rooted in her personal experiences and the wisdom she has gathered over the past decade. I feel that her ability to combine empathy with intuitive wisdom sets her apart from traditional coaches. During our session, she emphasized the importance of exploring one's inner world before making external changes. This approach resonated with me as it felt holistic and grounded.

Naudia's warmth and genuine interest in my growth were evident throughout the session. She created a very calming, safe space for me to express my fears, doubts, and aspirations without judgment. Her insights were profound, and her guidance was both practical and inspiring. I feel more confident and empowered to take inspired action towards my goals.

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What we talked about

I feel like Naudia has this unique way of getting you to really dive deep into your own thoughts and emotions.

One of the main things we talked about was my envy and negativity when I see other people’s experiences, especially on social media. I often find myself chasing the next big thing, thinking it will make me happy. But Naudia asked me what contentment really means to me and where it comes from. I think this was a huge shift in my thinking. Instead of looking outside for happiness, I started to see that it’s more about what’s going on inside.

We also discussed how the environment impacts my sense of progress and well-being, especially with the whole COVID-19 situation a few years ago, which was honestly a very difficult time for me. Naudia asked, “What environment makes you feel progressive?” This question made me really think about how my surroundings affect my motivation and mindset.

I told Naudia about my travels to Hong Kong, hoping for a fresh start. She introduced the idea of using travel intentionally (something she called "transformational travel"). It’s not just about escaping, but about creating space for inner exploration. I feel like this totally changed how I think about travel. Instead of comparing myself to others, travel can help me appreciate where I am in life.

One of the most powerful insights I got was from our discussion about going beyond my comfort zone. Naudia suggested visiting places where people might be less fortunate, like Vietnam, to gain perspective and appreciate my own life more. I think this kind of travel doesn’t just solve problems but gives me a new space to explore and understand my feelings better.

Naudia also made me rethink my purpose and what makes me happy. She said that instead of looking for happiness in external achievements, I should explore what happiness means to me from within. I feel like this idea of noticing how feelings come from our thinking was a game-changer. Even changing my environment can support this inner work.

We talked a lot about the range of human emotions and the importance of accepting them all. Naudia’s advice to embrace negative emotions and then let them go really resonated with me. She talked about choosing the framings that serve us, which made me realize I have the power to decide what I subscribe to.

Honestly, I came away from our session with a lot to think about. Naudia’s coaching helped me find more ways to find purpose and meaning in my life. I felt she really listened to me and asked the right questions, prompting me to delve deeper into my psyche. I feel like I now see travel in a whole new light, using it to reframe my problems and explore my inner world. Her blend of evidence-based principles and intuitive wisdom was incredibly useful, and I genuinely think this experience will have a lasting impact on me.

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Other things 

In addition to our one-on-one session, Naudia offers a course called "Flow with Wisdom," which aims to help individuals trust and follow their intuitive wisdom. This course includes a mix of video, audio, and text content, as well as guided meditations and visualizations. I am excited to explore this further, as I believe it will complement the insights I gained from our session.

Naudia also specializes in transformational travel, using her extensive travel experiences to help clients rediscover themselves and connect with their intuition. Her approach integrates deep self-reflection and continued inner work, both during travel and at home. This holistic perspective is something I genuinely appreciate and look forward to experiencing.

Overall, I have to say my coaching session with Naudia was pretty transformative. I feel more aligned with my true self and more confident in my ability to navigate life's challenges. Naudia's unique blend of evidence-based coaching and intuitive wisdom is powerful and effective. If you're ready to rediscover yourself, embrace your intuition, and live a life aligned with your core values, I really recommend checking out Naudia's website and scheduling a call! 


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