Thursday, December 30, 2021

My Baginning Wish List

 Hi ladies! Ever wanted a stylish yet durable bag that looks great but isn't going to break your bank account? Sick of using the same old handbag for years and years? I want to introduce you my newest find, Baginning. Baginning is an awesome bag company that sells gorgeous bags, totes and clutches that are quite luxurious in design. Seriously, who needs to fork out a few thousand dollars for a designer bag when you've got shops like these? I had so much fun browsing their site for a suitable hand bag, as I wanted to upgrade mine which was torn, blackened and rather unstylish. 

After browsing their website, I found lots of bags that I really liked. Here is my Wishlist for 2022!

My Baginning Wish List,  Baginning review,  Baginning reviews,  Baginning bags

My Baginning Wish List,  Baginning review,  Baginning reviews,  Baginning bags

My Baginning Wish List,  Baginning review,  Baginning reviews,  Baginning bags

1) Baginning has lots of leather tote bags including the Coffee summer woven leather bag which stood out to me because of it's luxurious feel. It looked like it's worth thousands of dollars, but it was only around $116 USD, which is super affordable and low-cost. To be honest, the quality is pretty good as it's made from genuine leather, which is a soft, smooth type of leather used for luxurious coats and jackets. It's got a beautiful quilted texture which makes it so photogenic and it comes in red, brown and cream. I really like the design because I wanted it to match my outfits- I love a bit of monochrome and the brown tote is perfect to style with shorts, leggings or a jumper. I've shown you the size of it- it's pretty standard and perfect in size, good enough to fit a lot of notes and a few books, and maybe a clutch and a wallet. I adore the design- it's simply stunning and feels really durable! 

2) This gorgeous clutch from their anniversary beaded clutch selection is stunning- I love the gorgeous red color and it's suitable for weddings, anniversaries or any formal occasions. As a university student, I always get invited to balls and formal halls, and this bag would be perfect as a carry-along for these fancy, elegant events. I think it would go well with a formal dress or a long maxi.

3) I love beaded clutch bags, and this lovely item from the shop looks super elegant and luxurious. In fact, this evening square clutch bag has rectangular hard body and large inside space. The design of this bag is cool and unusual, featuring an elaborate marbling pattern which is water-proof and easy to clean. The best thing about all of their bags is that you can use it for any occasion and they are super affordable and perfect for people who want something low-budget yet stylish at the same time.

Overall, I'm in love with the awesome selection of bags from this brand. Hope you like my Wishlist! 


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