Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Why I Choose All Natural Makeup- Freshly Cosmetics Review

Freshly Cosmetics is a new brand that I've recently stumbled across- and they're pretty amazing. They sell natural makeup products that are good for the skin AND works amazingly well for all types of makeup routine. 

I've chosen to go "natural" on my makeup products because there are so many chemicals in everyday makeup which are harmful for the skin. I get allergic reactions easily and rashes on my face whenever I use chemically-laden products such as face creams and eyeshadow palettes. This time around, I wanted to make a change to my routine. Here are some of the new products that I've tried from the brand.  

Freshly Cosmetics Review, natural makeup benefits, natural makeup freshly, freshly cosmetics reviews

Freshly Cosmetics Review, natural makeup benefits, natural makeup freshly, freshly cosmetics reviews

As you can see, Freshly cosmetics packages their products beautifully. I got mine sent via DHL, which meant that the package arrived within 1 week of ordering. The three products that I got looked extremely pretty and well-designed. The eye contour serum was refreshing, lightweight and felt great on my skin. The formula contains all-natural ingredients and refreshed the tired bags under my eyes. 

As for the mineral eyeshadow palette, this is something that I highly recommend purchasing because of it's striking colours and compact size. I always wanted to try natural mineral eyeshadow and this is one fo the best that I've seen. The colors really stuck to the makeup brush on application, and the colors were vibrant, lasted through the night and easy to blend. I love how it fits into my makeup bag easily too.

As for the perfect defining eyebrow gel, this is one of those products which helps you achieve a more "natural" makeup look. You can use it in place of a normal eyebrow pencil, and I use it to enhance my natural brow shape. The natural ingredients means that it actually helps your eyebrows appear fuller and thicker, which is always a plus! 

Overall, I cannot wait to add these products to my makeup bag. Hope you found this little review useful! 


  1. How wonderful! It is great that the mineral eyeshadow palette is a compact size. That is always handy <3
    the creation of beauty is art.


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