Sunday, July 25, 2021

Femmeluxe Outfit- Part 5

I want to keep reviewing my purchases from Femmeluxe, a lovely shop that sells cheap and affordable clothing for women. I've featured them on numerous occasions, and I'm just sitting in my room listening to oldies music and wearing their lovely knits. I adore their styles, and they have the most awesome jumpers that I've seen in a while. 

I am going to talk about this gorgeous Grey Cropped Jumper is absolutely gorgeous. I love the sleeves most as it's quite stylish and chic. I never owned such a jumper before so I'm very excited to get this jumper. The one thing that I didn't know how to handle was the length as it's a bit too short for me! This season's must have item is this lovely Grey Crop Sweater Jumper.

The coolest thing about their shop is that they have the biggest collection of dresses and clothing, as well as shoes and accessories. I had a long look at their selection, and their photos are so lovely. I love the fact that the website is so easy to use, and they really do sell everything under the sun, from hats, socks to beautiful maxi dresses. They ship to all UK places and have a great plus size selection so there's plenty of goods to go around for everyone.

So, to show you the outfit of the day, I'll be talking about how I styled this lovely grey coloured jumper from this awesome shop. Now, don't get me wrong but I always wear sweaters no matter how hot the weather is. Just because it's summer doesn't mean you can't wear a sweater! The sweater is lovely and the quality is excellent and I just love the color of the material. 


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