Friday, August 9, 2019

Prom Dress Wishlist 2019

Hey girls! For this term at university, I will be going to a ball hosted by a student society on November the 23rd. There will be lots of loud music, lots of guys, hotdogs, delicious foods, endless supplies of alcohol, a disco, dazzling lights and of course, lots of cool new friends for me to meet. I can't wait, since it will be a good time to de-stress and hopefully, get myself looking as glamorous as possible for one night, and one night only.

I'm really looking forward to it, but I need to buy a dress! Let's face it- buying a dress is a serious problem for girls in university who need to buy lots and LOTS of prom dresses UK with a limited budget. I was just looking at ball dresses online, and thought of writing more about the types of dresses I found. I'm always one to wear bright colours, but I've recently been looking at Facebook photos of my friends and some of them always wear lovely dresses to events.

Here are my favourite dresses from 27dress one of the new sites that I discovered this week! Hope you guys like it!


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