Tuesday, August 13, 2019

How I Maintain My Nails

Hey girls! I've recently been into nails and manicures, so I want to share with you two of my new favourite products. They're available online and I am so excited to write this post detailing how I use these products, how I maintain my nails and what I recently experienced with these lovely new items. 

The first item that I got is this Sensationail express gel manicure kit from Sensationail, one of the most famous nail product brands that is in the UK. This starter kit is easy to use, cute and so convenient. You simply paint your nails and put it under the LED lamp, and they last for up to 10 days! 

SensatioNail Express Gel is a revolutionary, all-in-one gel formula. Brush on, cure, and voila, done in as little as 5 minutes. The one step application is chip resistant and provides up to 10 days of vibrant gel colour and shine. No top coat or base coat is needed, just cure for 30 seconds and go. Removal is fast and easy, and I simply love using their products. 

Sensationail express gel manicure kit, Rubis Nail Scissors

Sensationail express gel manicure kit, Rubis Nail Scissors

Sensationail express gel manicure kit, Rubis Nail Scissors

I also got these lovely Rubis Nail Scissors which I've used to trim my nails before a manicure. It helps a lot that the ends are curved, and the scissors works wonders on my thick, stubborn nails. The scissors are handmade and crafter especially to trim nails, and they're SO sharp and aesthetic. I have never had more trimmed nails in my life!

Overall, I love these products and they've made my nails so much better than before. The nail trimmer prepared my nails well for the manicure that I got from my new kit, and they'd make great presents for girlfriends who love nails and beauty!


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