Thursday, July 25, 2019

My Femmeluxefinery Trousers- A Review!

I recently got these new Femme Luxe Finery trousers in a grey checkered pattern. They looked much darker than on the site but I’m super happy with them as they’re super stylish. I was a bit sad that they’re a bit tight but overall they look so sexy! Aren’t they amazing? 

I saw Kim Kardashian wear these and they’re so hot, and I’mtrying to change my style into something more sexy as I feel like that’s my new personality. It’s just that I’m bored in my life and I need a change. These pants really does the job well! 

It’s like leggings but they’re made from a viscose and cotton blend, which is stretchy and durable. I think they’ll be amazing for spring and summer, and you can wear crop tops with them. 

I’m so happy with them! Hope they make you happy too! 


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