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How To Combine Gold And Silver Jewellery For An Elegant Look

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It’s a myth that you can’t mix silver and gold jewellery. In fact, you can create your very own unique statements, provided you get your combination just right.

Your jewellery defines your mood and personality. Sometimes, you fancy wearing a bold statement piece, and other times a sleek, simple item will do. When you mix silver and gold, you have the opportunity to play around with different patterns and styles for a bespoke look.


While it used to be considered somewhat of a fashion disaster, mixing silver and gold jewellery can be done. Here are some top tips for mixing your jewellery from

1. Choose an outfit

One of the best ways to style any outfit is with jewellery. You want to choose pieces that complement your outfit. For instance, choose smaller pieces with simple designs for your summer outfits, like a necklace or monogram bracelet. For a more formal look, go bold with large rings sporting your birthstone.

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For necklaces, use one particular type and then wear one extra silver or gold chain. If it’s wrist pieces you prefer, opt for a silver watch and then mix with gold bracelets with different patterns.
Rings are very versatile, and you can mix and match gold and silver to your heart’s content.
The same goes for ankle bracelets, that you can layer up with gold and silver.

2. Pick one focal point

Always aim to create one focal point. For instance, you can wear a ring, necklace and bracelets but try to create a statement area. For example, if you’re wearing a gemstone necklace, pair it with multiple silver and gold chains, making your neck the focal point. Then, wear smaller items of jewellery like a watch or bracelets. This will help you avoid overcrowding your jewellery.

3. Create your own combination

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Mixing and matching silver and gold is a great way to create different looks. Whatever you wear, though, wear it with confidence and you’re sure to look like a fashionista.

For a simplistic everyday look, pair a big silver watch with two thin gold bangles. It’s a stylish, easy combination. Another look to try is pairing alternate gold and silver bracelets. For the neck, a simple silver locket and a gold chain go very well together.

If you’re off to a semi-formal event, like a meeting, focus on your hands. Antique gold bracelets with pearls paired with silver cuffed bracelets are an elegant combination. Or, try a large gemstone ring paired with a slim silver watch.

As for a formal look, you can still mix your gold and silver jewellery. For your neck, pick a golden bib necklace and pair that with a thin silver choker. Or, pair alternate gold and silver cuff bracelets on your wrists for an elegant, classy look.

A silver watch and a gold ring on the other hand also create a beautiful formal look. Or, alternate silver and gold chains around your neck if you’re wearing a black and white outfit. Pairing gold and silver jewellery is a style statement you should try, just be sure to create that focus point!


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