Friday, November 30, 2018

Wholesale7 Wishlist 2018

I've been checking out a cool wholesale shop and I want to share with you my honest thoughts. The shop is called Wholesale7- and they have the biggest range of wholesale clothes ever. Arguably more than other shops online. What I love about their website is that it's so easy to use! Honestly, their site's one of the easier ones to use, compared to other sites I've been on (and there are so many). 

I also love the fact that they put the weight of all the clothing on their site. This is so important, because without the weight you wouldn't know what materials they are made from, and whether it is good quality or not. Remember to check the weights of the clothing before you buy, because it's usually a good indicator of the quality. 

Nonetheless, I've selected a few items from them that I love for this season. These include cheap maxi dresses and skirts, as well as shorts and tops. Take a look below!

Hope you like my choices! What do you think?  They have a massive cyber monday deal going so check out their cheap prices. 


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