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Choosing the Right Undergarment for a Sheer Dress

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Have you already planned out what you are going to wear for prom? If you are looking at the current transparent fashion trends for a cue, then you are probably considering donning a sheer ensemble. In turn, it’s also important for you to look into what you should wear under a sheer outfit so as not to mess up your desired look.

There are a number of sheer ensembles that can be worn to formal occasions such as prom and homecoming, including a number of prom dresses 2019 styles at Peaches Boutique that feature sheer sections on the bodice. The transparent fashion trend covers dresses, tops, and bottoms made from organza, tulle, or lace.

Depending on how sheer the outfit is and how much of the dress is actually see-through, you need to decide on the right kind of undergarments. Here are some sensible undergarment choices for different sheer outfits:

1. Slips

If you decide to wear a sheer maxi dress, you don’t have to be concerned as a slip of any length can be worn with this style. If you want to cover up, you can opt for a slip that runs the same length as the maxi’s hemline. A matching slip dress underneath will give you the coverage you want without overshadowing your sheer dress. But, if you want to flaunt your legs, you can wear a mini slip instead.

For a sheer mini dress, you should wear a short slip but you don’t need to limit yourself to the usual nudes. You can opt for vibrant colours and neon accents. You can also pick out a slip that features intricate lacework to add to the sexy appeal.

A half-slip is a default choice for undergarments when wearing a sheer skirt. Nude half-slips with lace details can amp up the romantic appeal. But, if you are wearing a very transparent piece, it is best to go for slips in darker colours.

Sequined slips are also interesting choices for consideration when looking at what kinds of intimates to wear under a sheer dress or skirt.

2. Camisoles

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For a sheer top, you’ll need a dainty camisole. If you want to stick to the rules, you’ll have to match the inner camisole with your sheer top or pick a lace bandeau that comes in the colour that is closest to your skin tone. If you have a see-through black blouse, a black undergarment is recommended while nudes and whites are to be avoided. If you have fun prints and vibrant coloured transparent tops, you can also go for camisoles with interesting details.

3. Bralettes

Lace bralettes are sexy choices of intimates that make sheer outfits stand out. If you can rock a bold outfit, you might want to wear a neon-coloured lace bralette underneath a sheer top. If you want to radiate a romantic vibe, opt for a gorgeous all lace bralette in soft tones. Choose colours that do not clash with your skin tone or your sheer outfit to maximize its sexy effect.

4. Matching Tops and Bottoms

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For sheer formal dresses, it is recommended that one wears a matching pair of bra top and high waist, navel-grazing briefs. In fact, we’ve already seen a number of designers showcase sheer dress collections who favoured the matching bralette and briefs as undergarments for their creations. These matching pairs provide an attractive contrast to the sheer look by providing as much coverage in these intimate areas.

Indeed, when you decide to show off your assets in a sheer outfit, you have to switch out those grandma panties for luxurious and flattering underwear.


  1. This is so helpful! I often struggle to decide what should go underneath pieces that are sheer or have certain cut outs.


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