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Appreciating Appraisal Purpose: Valuing Antique Jewellery

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Most people who are involved in the trading of antique jewellery will appreciate the need to have any items of jewellery they are thinking of purchasing properly valued by an expert before parting with their hard-earned cash. Of course, not only are there numerous professionals who deal in the buying and selling of antique or modern items of jewellery based in Australia, but also people who are new to this type of business. However, anyone who does need to have some antique jewellery appraised should make sure they take into account the purpose for evaluation so they can decide on an appraisal services to choose.

Indeed, if we are having what should turn out to be a very lucrative item of antique jewellery appraised before taking it to auction, it is certainly worth paying for the services of an appraiser that will go that extra mile for us -- even if he or she is quite pricey. In terms of thinking about why some people choose to have antique jewellery appraised, we may want to look at websites providing such information. One thing is for sure though, there are heaps of people who have jewellery appraised for insurance purposes.

Some of the main reasons for getting jewellery appraised for insurance are shown here:  

  • Value of jewellery is vital when buying insurance
  • Written appraisals are essential for providers of insurance
  • Appraisal value takes precedence over the cost of the jewellery
  • Insurance companies often require updated appraisals
  • Regular appraisals can help prove an insurance claim

People who are considering going to an auction with their jewellery would be advised to look for websites that give you more insight into successful ways of selling antiques.

Antique Jewellery

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One reason why it is always a good idea to have an update on an appraisal we may have had of our antique jewellery quite a while back is that the popularity of certain styles and period pieces can sometimes decrease or increase quite significantly. Of course, if the demand for a specific design of antique jewellery has dropped quite a lot, then we will need to have our out-of-favour item reappraised at least once. Purchasers unique antique pocket watches who are determined to get a certain amount of cash when they decide to sell these popular time pieces will need to make sure they use efficient appraisal services. However, just because there are plenty of highly-reputable firms specialising in the appraisal of antique watches and jewellery, it does not guarantee that we will be able to source one of the better choices in the area we are based in.

In some cases, people that have inherited an antique pocket watch or item of jewellery from a family member will only decide to have it appraised just so they can record its value before including it in their personal estate.

In Person

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Although there have been numerous things we should do regarding the process of having antique jewellery appraised mentioned already, it is important to detail one thing we most definitely should not do if we hope to have a proper appraisal of our items. Indeed, even though it might be fair to say that emailing a picture of the piece to be appraised may be a convenient first step in the appraisal of an antique jewellery item, this sort of thing will often lead to an inaccurate evaluation of the piece in question.


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