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First Time trying out Interchangeable Shoes - Tanya Heath Paris Review

Have you ever worn heels but felt that searing, horrible pain that goes along with it? Have you ever wished that you can change your shoes' height at a whim? Well, today I want to talk about an awesome brand that lets you do just that. I recently bought these interchangeable heels from Tanya Heath Paris, a lovely brand that literally lets you just change your heels whenever you want, meaning that you can get different shoes of different heights, shapes and sizes all with one purchase.

A bit about the brand- Tanya Heath Paris - created by Tanya, her shoes are all interchangeable to allow girls to change their heels whenever they want. The founder is a high heel lover because they look great and beautiful, but she was frustrated by the fact that she had to pack many pairs of shoes during her trips, and wanted to create a revolutionary shoe brand that can keep up with the modern woman's lifestyle. The result is that every shoe in the Tanya Heath Paris collection features a removable heel, and thus can be worn as high heels and flats. 

I want to show you how Tanya Heath paris works. I got this lovely, gorgeous pair of ValĂ©rie Black Calfskin pumps, which is a pointed, black pair of pumps that can be customized with different types of heels. Valerie is a trendy, pointy toe pump and this style comes in several leathers and even a vegan leather outer, which will be suitable for people who don't want to wear leather. Take a look at the lovely shoe below! 

So how does it work? Well, you first push the button in the middle of the sole, and this lets you slide the changeable heels in and out of the bottom of the shoe. The base of the shoe has a sliding, clicker-like device which lets you click the shoe in and out with ease. The heels that I chose are firstly, the Patrice Iris Glitter heels, which looks amazing in a dark blue/ purple shade with lovely sparkly glitter. This heel was developed by Tanya Heath Paris while working with clients, and it is quite comfortable at 6.5cm in height.

From behind, this heel is quite narrow and feminine, but if you look from the side you can see that the heel is actually quite wide making it very comfortable for walking and standing. I think this heel can be worn professionally at work, or at a more casual setting like for a cocktail party or birthday event. It's cute, colorful style means that you can look flirty, fun and cute while wearing your dress!

The second type of heel that I chose are these lovely, cute Christophe Red Wicker heels.  These cute, wicker-styled heels are 4.5 cm in height, which means that they're perfect for walking in. I deliberately didn't choose any tall heels because it was too painful for me to go the distance in something too high. The best thing about Tanya Heath Paris is that they have lots of choices in terms of heel heights and styles, which means that you can get something to suit your needs. 

These heels slip on and off the pumps in the same way, as you can see in the photos above. This heel contests with the black lambskin outer shell of the pumps, and they look great on the shoe. I love how every heel in Tanya Heath Paris's range matches with all of their shoes. Their styles are pretty and classy, and elegant in their own right. Best of all, everything is super high quality and seems to be able to last for years. 

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The quality of these shoes are unbelievable, as they are really sturdy, stable and durable. The shoes are made from a soft lambskin outer, which means that the leather is extremely fine and soft. Lambskin leather is one of the most luxurious types of leather on the market, and they're often used to make leather jackets. Tanya Heath Paris's quality is great because everything is 100% made in France which means that the quality and manufacturing process is incredibly impeccable.

As for the comfort and fit, the shoes come in half sizes so I managed to get an EU 38.5 which fits me perfectly! The fact that they have half sizes means that it's a godsend as I can never find shoes that fits, and the half size fits me so well. I never found shoes that fit as well as these, and the fact that they have pointy shoes means that sizing is often more challenging as the shoe is usually narrower. The shoes are incredibly comfortable to walk in, given the thick inner sole and leather outer lining that these shoes are made from.

Finally, Tanya Heath Paris ships worldwide so they can send your new pair of shoes to wherever you want. I'm definitely going to be a loyal customer from now on, as I can't believe their versatility and style! The brand also has shops in Paris, Beirut and Toronto, and you can go into their shops and try out different heel combinations, styles and shop for your best look!

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