Monday, July 9, 2018

Best Halter Tops For this Summer

 The summer is finally here! And with the warm weather comes a whole new wardrobe full of dresses, shorts and today's topic, halter tops. Halter tops are perfect for the summer they offer enough coverage to make you feel comfortable, but they are usually a relaxing fit the gives you a truly perfect summer top for both daytime and evening wear.

Ideally when you’re looking for the best halter neck tops, a tie back and cropped fit is perfect! In the last few years, there have been a few different styles that have been released as halter neck tops but don’t offer the traditional style. Here’s a look at the best halter styles tops for summer.

Halter Basic Crop
An essential for every girl’s wardrobe, a basic crop top assures you that the sun is touching as much skin as possible. The style has three main benefits; it’s a simple style that can be both dressed up for evening attire or worn with a pair of shorts to a casual day look, so you’re comfortable in the hot weather. The basic style also helps to highlight your shoulders, back and midriff as the style doesn’t take too much away from what others will see. Finally, for an essential, they’re super affordable, available in most stores and you can buy them in any colour, so which colour highlights your hairs or complements your skin tone, be sure to pick wisely!

Swing Halter Top
The swing halter top is a clever garment to have for a day out. The top is still cropped at the front to show your stomach, but the sides of the top drop down lower to cover your hips to give you a slimmer silhouette. It’s the ideal way to wear a top that is subtly revealing and shows off all the right curves. Swing halter tops can be matched with a high-waisted pair of short or a skirt to complete the illusion look.

Scuba Halter Neck
Commonly worn for an evening outfit or a more formal occasion. The scuba-style offers a tighter fitting top around your body and more noticeably, a chocker-style tie around the neck. This style helps to highlight your shoulders and neck while making your torso look longer and slimmer. A cropped style can also be found with the scuba-neck if you love the look but wanted to wear it for casual occasions.

Wrap Over Halter Tops
A slightly more controversial top, this style is very loose with the term halter neck. It’s a lower cut that has a wrap-over style that covers both the torso and bust, and the wrap-over continues over the shoulder and around the neck. It’s a style you can embrace the sun with and have as much on show as possible (without wearing in a bikini top).

All the tops are on trend this summer and are available in several different price brackets depending on your budget and brand preferences. When trying them on be sure to take a couple of different style bras to see which one works best for the top. It’s is a style that a lot of women go braless with, but if you’d prefer to wear one, checking out seductive lingerie ranges that consider the bra shape for clothes might help you find a minimalist style that isn’t going to be noticeable under the halter neck. Backless bras and stick on bras are usually best if the halter neck shows off a lot of your back.


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