Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Top 6 outfit trends to look out for in 2018 summers

2018 summers are here, and so is the league of the latest trends! Amazing styles, a collection of hues, and some eye-catching patterns are truly the pick of any season, and the year is trending with them. With more and more youngsters looking up to fashion as a daily staple, the collection this time is in lines with a contemporary statement while giving a gorgeous appeal. Here is a curated list of trends which is catching up this year:

Glam it up! Now if there is one thing which one can never go wrong with, it is the sequins. Whether completely draped or just embellished in some areas, a dress can instantly get a ravishing appeal with sequins. Put on a heavily sequined dress or something on the same lines, and with a pair of stilettoes, you are good to go! Sequin dress will definitely trend this year, especially in a golden hue.

Poise with pastels! Colours can do a lot to wardrobe, and the 2018 favourites are surely pastels. Preen pastel oozes a very serene and calm look while hinting the feminine touch. Ideal to be donned in summers, pastel shade gels well with any season.  A ruffled dress, with a deep neckline and accentuated waist, vouches for a breath-taking appeal.

Check it out! Checks never go out of fashion, and with the changing scenarios, they sure have prepped their look. With contrasting shades, checks definitely create attention seeking zone, enhancing the looks of any regular clothing. A vested coat in a checked pattern with the fitted straight skirt in same lines looks simply perfect for a casual day. Try out the look!

Flamboyant fringes! Looking for something which is simple yet chic, well fringe is your answer. The pattern instantly gives a dress an oomph factor. Fringes look good on any dresses, skirt, or gowns. The hemlines are generally what are played at. But one can spice up the look by going with a monotone dress with bobby patterns that are overlaid with fringes for a drastic look.

Style it up with sheer! Sheer is one pattern, which is in vogue in the summers of 2018. Sheer fabric reveals a breath-taking look adding an air of refreshment. Sheers in bold shades, as well as cool pastels, look equally good, which gives you an array of choices to choose from. Check out how stunning a sheer white dress with red details looks.

Slim it out! Jumpsuits with bodice hugging waist with a short ankle are quite in this season. The look calls for a casual appeal while easily creating a streamlined silhouette. To add a touch of more drama, go for a wide belt.

So, try out these styles and stay ahead in the fashion league!

[Images Credit: harpersbazaar.com/uk and popsugar.com]

Authors Bio: The author is an avid fashionista, who loves to explore the latest trends and patterns in the market. She enjoys making an appeal while staying trendy. She is also a blogger at www.lifoholic.com and loves to jot down her ideas in the form of tips.


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