Monday, April 3, 2017

Would You Pick A Coloured Diamond For An Engagement Ring?

 Didyou know that diamonds come in pretty much all sorts of colours? But, is anything other than a traditional white diamond suitable for an engagement ring? We say yes! In fact, colour diamonds have become popular choices for engagement rings, thanks to many celebrities flaunting their colourful dazzlers.

About Colour Diamonds

Diamonds are available in a broad range of stunning colours, from pink and red, to yellow, black, blue, brown, violet, and green. Fancy colours like green, blue, and red are extremely rare and carry heftier price tags.

Fancy colour diamonds typically have nine saturation levels, with the deepest level being the most valuable. From lightest to deepest, these levels are:

·      Faint
·      Very light
·      Light
·      Fancy light
·      Fancy
·      Fancy dark
·      Fancy deep
·      Fancy intense
·      Fancy vivid

When it comes to black, brown, and yellow diamonds, things get a little complex. The yellow diamonds, for example, are considered quite common compared to colourless diamonds. But, in recent years, diamond companies have successfully rebranded black, brown, and yellow diamonds, labelling them terms such as “champagne,” “cognac,” and even “golden.” Check out the fancy colour diamonds to see the range available.

Is A Colour Diamond Right for an Engagement Ring?

If you and your fiancé-to-be want to take a different route to the traditional white diamond engagement ring, a colour diamond could well be the choice for you. Consider a colour diamond if:

She Loves Romance and Glamour

If your girlfriend adores the sophistication of Hollywood, old movies, and is obsessed with anything to do with royal families, a colour diamond is ideal for infusing tons of glamour into her everyday life.

She Likes to Stand Out 

If your fiancé likes to be unique and stand out, a sophisticate colour combination like rose gold will ensure she shines. Take a close look at her style for some clues. If she generally like colour and artistic accessories, she’s sure to enjoy a fancy colour diamond engagement ring. 

She Has a Favourite Colour 

Does she just adore pink? Maybe she has the most wonderful green eyes? Or perhaps orange looks stunning on her skin? If there is a colour she tends to favour, an engagement ring with a diamond of that colour is going to be a big hit. 

She Wants a Colour with a Meaning 

An engagement ring as it is has tons of meaning, but colour diamonds also carry various associations. Depending in who you speak to, there are different interpretations. But, some people believe that blue diamonds stand for peace and tranquillity, red for strength and love, and yellow for calm and selflessness. Perhaps you want something that truly symbolizes your relationship and a fancy colour diamond can help you do just that.


If you are looking for an affordable fancy colour diamond engagement ring, a light yellowish brown is a great option. But, whatever you choose, your fiancé is sure to love something completely different and unique!


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