Thursday, April 20, 2017

How To Style Summer Blouses - Zaful Review

Zaful is currently my favourite to-go place for shopping - they literally have the high street brands and their exact styles for around 1/2 or 1/ 3 the price! Since summer's coming, I decided to go on a mini haul and buy 3 cute items from their shop. These items are all from high street brands like Zara, H & M and Topshop, except they're shipped straight from the factory instead, saving you tons of money.

Honestly, the second and third tops I got are from renowned brands like Zara and Topshop. I found the exact same things on their website! They're super high quality and stylish, and I'm so in love with my buys. Summer is always sweaty and hot where I'm from, and I need some cool, cute cotton blouses to keep my spirits up. 

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 I got a Topshop imitated see through sheer blouse. Perfect for summer, and also makes you look mysterious and vintage. I love how it goes well with white bottoms, and I'm in love with the sheerness. It's so elegant and just perfectly fitting. It's also SUPER high quality, and they're selling the exact same top in Topshop for 3 times the price. 

Honestly, check out Zaful ! They're amazing, and I'm completely honest about everything I've said. 


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