Thursday, April 6, 2017

Tips on Buying Quality Clothing from Chinese Websites (Shein, Romwe, Zaful, Fashionova etc)

So I've been asked a lot about how to shop online in Chinese fashion shops and how I got my lovely items that I frequently style on my instagram and lookbook. As you know, you can simply find many styles that are 1/3 or 1/4 the price of high street shops, but looks totally the same on sites like Shein, Romwe, Zaful, New Chic, Rosegal, Choies and so on.

Let's face it- these sites aren't always top quality. It really depends on the item you choose. However, with these 5 tips, I can guarantee that you'll NEVER make the wrong choice again and always get the best quality items from these shops as possible. The key? Shop smart!

1. Right click, Google Search Image the item! 

My biggest tip - and something I do a lot, is to right-click and search for the Image itself of the thing you want to buy. Why? This gives you a giant list of where this product has been sold, and you'll see from your Google search that there's a ton of other shops that may sell the same thing. Once you find these, you can double-check to see if the item you want to buy actually looks the same as the image.

You can also compare prices and see if you're getting ripped off. Also, you can see whether the item is on Aliexpress, and usually there's a ton of extra reviews and photos on these wholesale sites than there is on the actual shop's link.

I always compare the thing I want with the listings on Google and Aliexpress. It helps you see if it's genuine or not, and is super helpful!

2. Check the composition 

I can't stress this enough. The reason why you buy cheap things is because most people are completely ignorant when it comes to composition. Obviously, satin and cotton are better materials than polyester or cotton blends. Cotton blends are the worse, as they're very plastic-like. Polyester is also quite hard on the skin- though it could work for satins.

I'd say go for the cottons or wools, or even chiffon or spandex/ rayon. They're much better. It's always good to look on the tabs in these shops, where they list out the materials. Be careful though they're not 100% accurate!

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Sure it looks good, but it feels awful! 

3. Check the weight of the item

Another golden tip- check the weight! Sometimes a shirt can weigh like 100g, which means that it is SUPER cheap and thin. Do not buy! Check if the dress you're buying weights like 400g-500g- that's a decent weight. It means there's more materials. It means you won't be getting some cheap item which isn't lined (another important factor). Also, it must feel better on your skin if the item is not flimsy or cheap.

Definitely check the weight- it is SO important! Don't buy things that are too light. My rule is I always buy the heaviest material I can find- because that means they didn't skip on the fabrics !

Tips on Buying Quality Clothing from Chinese Websites Shein, Romwe, Zaful, Fashionova, chinese wholesale sites retail, cheap chinese clothing tips, buying cheap clothing tips, tips buying clothes online
Big mistake- item is too thin! 

4. Check the size!

My biggest mistake is often forgetting to check the sizes. I don't mean Small Medium or Large. I mean the ACTUAL measurements and inches of the item. This way, you'll never go wrong with ordering something too small or too big. Generally most sites list out different measurements for each shirt! Also Chinese sites usually have smaller sizing so buyers beware.

5. Look for honest blog reviews 

Finally, my last tip is to look for other blogger's reviews on Google. Just type the item's name, or the shop's name (e.g. Sheinside blog review, or Irisie Blog Review) and you'll find a ton of results. No reviews means that the shop is probably new or super fishy. Lots of reviews may mean that it's sponsored and fake. But that's still useful as people don't usually lie if it's terrible.

I always make sure to do my homework before buying. The bottom line? Be careful, follow these tips, and you'll get a quality item even if it's from a super cheap Chinese boutique!

Hope these helps!

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  1. It's fun to do online shopping but at the same time, it's tricky. These are helpful tips.


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