Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Taipei Adventure (Day 2)

So day 2 of my awesome Taipei trip was filled with… nothing but food, railway tracks, lanterns, coffee and more food. Literally, that is what me and my friend had all day. We went to a place called Shi Fen, which was a village with a single railway track running across it. Today's outfit was a maxi floral dress, which felt good because the weather was really hot. I love maxi dresses, sometimes I wish I can wear them everyday back home. 

Our first stop was of course to get waffles at a cozy coffee shop in Xi Men Ding, a bustling place full of shops and also where we happen to stay. The neighbourhood reminds me of Hong Kong's busy streets, with a twist of Japan and China. 

On our way to the railway station, we stopped by and got the famous Taiwanese matcha cheese tarts - they're so delicious and gooey in the middle. I can't help but drool at the thought of them… cheese tart perfection.

Our first top was a cat village in Hou Tong, where we saw lots of cats roam everywhere. It was quite cute, except it was really hot so I didn't take much photos.

We finally reached Shi Fen during the late afternoon, at around 5pm. At this point, it was raining really badly, so the photos are grey and cloudy, but thanks to the power of my Leica camera, everything STILL looks alright. The railway tracks would have looked even better if it was bright and sunny, but we had to make do. The village sold nougat bars, and we bought a few each. They're so delicious!

After sending our lantern up in the rainy sky, we headed to another night market (of which I can't remember the name) and had some food. I had some fried taro balls filled with custard, which was VERY tasty. I guess I can't take fried foods well though, because I got a sore throat the next day. Nonetheless, it was really delectable and I was so impressed with the night market's choice of food.

We also had the famous Taiwanese beef noodles with soup - the broth was fresh and the meat was tender, and overall it was a very filling bowl of noodles. Apparently, some of the noodles won prizes at food competitions, so that was interesting.

That's pretty much it for day 2- it was a rainy, food-filled day!


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