Saturday, August 13, 2016

Taipei Bliss - A Summer Trip (Day 1)

I just got back from a 5-day trip to Taipei, Taiwan with my best friend, and we had such a fantastic time! I'm going to show you everything I did in these 5 days, including the TONS of food that we ate. In fact, I ate so much that I have a bit of a sore throat now. It doesn't pay that all of the Taipei street food are fried, although they are simply delicious!

On our first day, we took a morning flight and went straight to eat lunch when we arrived. We went to Dazzling Cafe, which is a chain store that you can find in many Asian countries like Hong Kong. They had lovely lattes and coffees. We also went to a waffle store and had a chewy, melty matcha waffle. It was so good, probably because we were starving.

The streets of Taipei is so vintage, and almost every street looks photogenic. It looks a lot like a Japanese street, fused with a Chinese village. However, the buildings are really modern on the inside so the exteriors are deceiving. I love the little narrow streets that are full of red and blue signs. They look quite endearing.

Next we went to Songshan cultural and creative park, which is an artsy hub full of exhibitions and interesting tidbits to look at. We saw some furniture exhibition from the Middle East, as well as a book fair which sold Doraemon, my favourite childhood comic.

It so happens that the creative park was next to Eslite Bookstore, which is  one of Taipei's biggest bookstores and commercial chains. The Eslite was large and sold many clothing and accessories as well as books. We needed the aircon so we spent a lot of time browsing the store.

We had a little walk after the bookstore, and checked out the boutique stores around the area. I love the boutique shops because they're so chic and perfect for photos. They look so adorable also, no wonder Taipei is a destination for Instagrammers and photographers! 

Our last stop was a night market, which was quite large but sold more clothes than food. We did try the best Shan Jian Bao (pan fried pork buns) in the market- it was piping hot and bite-sized, and oozed meat juice when you bit into it. It was so good! 


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