Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Important Things That a Diamond Specialist Should Know

Being able to find the right diamond jewellery dealer is important in purchasing the perfect diamond engagement ring for your fiancée.

Buying a diamond ring is a really big step, and choosing the right one can be a little intimidating, especially if you know nothing about the selection process. That said, before making a purchase, it's also ideal to ask a series of questions to your specialist to figure out if you're getting the real deal or not. Here are some of those.

1. Can You Give Me a Grading Report for This Diamond?

As a rule of thumb, you should always ask for a
grading report when buying a diamond ring, because real diamonds come with a grading report from an independent, accredited gemmological laboratory. One of the most popular laboratories that offer a grading report is the GIA. An independently generated report would give you the diamond's real value, authenticity, and quality. Aside from that, GIA also provides a Diamond Dossier. This contains the same information present on the traditional grading report, even without the clarity plotting program. Most importantly, you ought to know that diamonds are also laser inscribed, but in the most compact form, where the stones are available for up to 2.00 carats.

2. Can You Tell How the Diamond Grades In Terms of The 4Cs?

About five decades ago, the Gemmological Institute of America created the world-famous 4C factors for diamonds: the clarity, cut, colour, and carat weight. The best and trusted diamond rings specialist in Brisbane could easily explain these 4Cs in detail.

As a matter of fact, they could even determine which of the Cs are most important for you. As a buyer, you should be asking the jeweller to present you a set of diamonds that can be the best example for the characteristics that you’re looking for. Colourless stones are usually perfect for this.

3. Can You Offer Me a Selection of Diamonds to Compare?

Diamond specialists should be willing to offer the 5-step ring selection process to their clients. This would allow them to see the different kinds of diamonds that fall within the budget of the person. Buying diamonds can be considered as a huge investment; that's why it's very important to thoroughly explore your options first before making a final decision.

4. What Are the Best Ways to Protect My Diamond Investments?

Specialists should help you keep your diamond rings secured, and this can be done through appraisal or having it insured. A reputable diamond specialist would be able to suggest insurers and appraisers that professional grade and identify the value of your diamond ring. Likewise, some of the best specialists would also offer diamond insurance and appraisal to their clients.

5. What Are the Best Ways to Take Care of a Diamond Ring?

Although diamonds are durable, it's important to note that they aren't really indestructible. Thus, it's very important to talk to a jeweller and ask about the best ways to care and clean your diamond rings so that it would maintain its beauty for years to come.

There you have it; these are just some of the most important questions that you should ask your specialist before buying a diamond ring. Knowing the answer to these basic questions would help you pick the right one that could last for generations.


  1. The EGL, which stands for the European Gemological Association, has set the standards for diamond appraisals and the reports from this facility are recognized all over the world.
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