Thursday, March 3, 2016

Ooharr mask tryouts - Amphora Aromatics

I've recently tried a new face mask from the UK brand Amphora Aromatics which launched their ‘Ooharr’  range of deep-cleansing face masks designed to help keep spots at bay and skin smooth, hydrated and radiant. Packed with natural goodies – from Vanilla and Honey to Aloe Vera and Rose - the new Ooharr range kicks off with a trio of clay face masks: Star Glow, Rosie Glow and Dead Sea Cooler. Suitable for all types of skin, the masks are priced at  £1.20 per 15ml sachet. 

Aren't they colorful and lovely? I love Andy Warhol designs, especially since it's so colorful and bright. 

The Rosie Glow mask contains rose essential oil and marula Oil to help protect skin from environmental damage and Palmarosa essential oil, which works to repair damaged skin. Dead Sea salts and natural clay help detoxify and draw out impurities from blocked pore.

The Dead Sea Cooler mask is minty and can act as a deep cleanser. It is a cocktail of Peppermint, Teatree and Witch Hazel help create a bright, clear complexion and combine with Dead Sea salts to open pores, detoxify skin and draw out impurities.

My favourite face mask is the Star Glows mask, because it smells absolutely lovely! It is made with vanilla and honey. It smells like dessert, literally! It smells lovely on my face and I was so relaxed during the time it was on my face. I really like eating dessert, and I'm almost tempted to lick it off my face (kidding). The masks even contain exfoliating balls which are blended into the mud, which makes your skin extra soft after you wash it off. 

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