Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Yo Matcha - Green deliciousness

I've been waking up every morning to a lovely cup of matcha tea recently. I've always been obsessed with matcha but this time I've chosen to buy mine from, which sells some great matcha powder for cooking and drinking. They come in a lovely package and the matcha inside is sealed for freshness in a silver bag. The can itself is cute and I love their little buddhist monk logo at the front! 

The taste of their matcha is quite good, better than some of the other matcha powders that I've tried in London. They use matcha from the Uji region of Japan. Their matcha is also ceremonial grade, which means that it is the best quality there is. Each tin can make up to 25-30 cups of matcha!

I really love waking up every morning and drinking a cup or two of matcha. It wakes me up in a very natural way, and also makes my breakfast much more filling. It's time for exams soon, so green tea will definitely give me a boost. For those of you who want a refreshing drink in the morning, I'd highly recommend trying some matcha to boost yourself up!


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