Saturday, December 19, 2015

Blue Vintage Earrings from Lylia Rose

I recently got these vintage blue gemstone earrings from a boutique shop called Lylia Rose, which sells really cute vintage accessories, earrings and scarves of all types. I loved this Blue Vintage Look Earrings because of their colour- the sky blue really shines out when you wear them to an extravagant event or a party, and it's also really vintage-looking. I feel more elegant and classy when I'm wearing these earrings and they look absolutely amazing on people with paler skin and dark hair. 

Lylia Rose also sells beautiful silk scarves, which will go well with any outfit especially in the spring or summer months. Their shipping service must also be commended because I received my item within 2 days of ordering, so it's great for people in the UK who want to buy affordable and elegant-looking accessories in a convenient way.

Do check out Lylia Rose's shop and let me know what you think of their items!

What do you think of my new earrings?


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