Sunday, December 6, 2015

Bornpretty Haul - December favourites

Do you all remember that I did a review by Bornpretty a while ago? They're kind enough to send me some more items for a review, and I have to say I'm just as impressed by their fantastic delivery and customer service as before. For those who doesn't know, Bornpretty is an online shop selling accessories, clothing and jewellery, and all sorts of wonderful beauty tools that girls would find useful. 

They sent me some natural eyelashes as well as a large tube of eyelash glue, and I really like the falsies because they're very natural and affordable. I can even re-use them for a few times and then throw them away, and it's more hygienic this way. I also chose to buy a cute nail clipper and an eyebrow plucker, because my eyebrows have been going awry lately. I don't know if this is a problem for me only, but my eyebrows are always out of shape and grows really quickly. 

I'm so happy to be on my christmas break. It's only December 6th, but my term ends much earlier than other universities in the UK, and it's a blessing in disguise. I have to work on my essay though, so it's not all fun and games. I'm enjoying the solitude of staying in the UK for a while, and I'll try my best to finish my work this week. I'm in a bit of a lazy phase, and we all deserve a break sometimes.

And finally, use the code FOET10 in the Bornpretty Store for 10% off everything! 


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