Saturday, December 12, 2015

December Dress Haul - featuring Newchic

I've recently been on an online shopping spree because it's christmas and I'm here alone in the UK. I   bought 3 new dresses from this new AMAZING online shop called New Chic ( which sells high-quality and affordable dresses which look real cute and stylish. I'm going to do 3 outfit posts for you today because I want to review each of the dresses I bought. I'm so happy to have something to wear for Christmas and New Year's Eve this year, because it's seriously time for a wardrobe revamp. 

This black and red floral dress is fantastic because of it's v-neck line and high-waisted floral skirt. As a girl with a low waist, I really like high-waisted items because they flatter your body and makes your legs look so much longer than they actually are. I love how the v-neck flatters my body shape and makes one look slimmer. I'm very impressed by the quality of the material because I thought it would be see-through. It is totally not see-through and is perfectly light and casual. It would look fantastic for a date, if you pair it with black flats and a cute handbag. I am absolutely in love with this outfit and I'd highly recommend this dress in white or black. 

This sharp white dress is of really high quality, and I'm pleasantly surprised by it's thickness. It is made from cotton, and it comes with a lovely button design which gives it a more sharper and edgier look. I'm pairing it with my knee-high black leather boots (brought in Hong Kong) and it looks slightly more mature than the first dress. It is not too short, but it has a slit on the side so it looks elegant and can be worn for a glamorous night out. It's going to look great paired with a leather jacket, and even perhaps a large fur coat. Again, I highly recommend this dress for those of you who like wearing boots, because it looks stunning with boots. 

The grey wrap dress is surprisingly soft and comfortable. It's probably the most comfortable outfit of all three and it's the perfect length for a girl of my height (168cm). I've paired it with a nice pair of white sneakers from ASOS, and it makes for a casual yet chic look. I'm going to wear this outfit to the park next week and it's just so flattering and soft at the same time. I love the grey colouring, because it makes your skin look paler and also flatters my skin tone. I think it looks somewhat Korean too, and would look great for taller girls who want to go for the casual and simple look. It would go well with a cute cardigan or a softer jacket for a more mature, sophisticated look.

I'm really pleased with my haul from New Chic. They sell all sorts of accessories too, including winter earmuffs, scarves, socks, tights and tops. I also bought a lovely pair of giant earmuffs which are perfect for Christmas. I'm so exited to be spending christmas alone in the UK, though it can get a bit boring. Hopefully, I'll get some studying done, but I find that online shopping is a good way of relieving stress.

Song of the week: 
Light my Fire- The Doors 

Which outfit is your favourite? Please tell me by leaving a comment below! 

And please check out because I guarantee you'll love the products they have in store, especially if you want to buy cheap and affordable clothing which look stylish and comfortable at the same time. 


  1. very nice items! great white dress!

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  2. Ahh that white dress is so hot! Love it :)
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    Enclothed Cognition

  3. Love those dresses <3 especially the white one

    Take care,
    Rizuna from 100% Nerd

  4. Great haul! You look lovely in all the pieces, but I especially love the white one.


  5. You look gorgeous.


  6. They are not my style but look good on you!

  7. I absolutely adore this! Hope you have a lovely day.

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  8. Pretty perfect:)
    Nice to know you

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  9. I love all but the 2nd one stands out for me. Gorgeous

  10. love the first dress the best! :D

    Have a great day!
    Animated Confessions

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  14. Your style is good!

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  17. The white dress is my fav!! Altho I will never buy white clothes bcs my mum despise it. But I wish~ Someday I have one! =") So prettyy Flo~!

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