Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Wordans | making your own DIY t-shirt!

Recently, I have been wanting to make my own customized t-shirt as a gift to one of my special friend. He loves cats and kittens, and we both agreed that this unusual, and somewhat silly picture below would look amazing on a blue or grey tee. I looked around for a website to make my customized DIY t-shirt, and found the awesome website https://www.wordans.co.uk/ which specialises in high-quality, well-made t-shirts and clothing that can be fully customized. 

Their online design platform is really simple to use- all I had to do was upload my image, decide which brand of t-shirt I wanted and voila, I could place my order. The whole process took less than 20 minutes and their website is just fantastic. I'm most impressed with the range of t-shirt brands that they offer, which includes American Apparel, Fruit of Loom, Gildan, Anvil and ATC- you name it, they've probably got it, at many different colours too. Frankly speaking, I'm already happy with anything with American Apparel on their label.

After waiting for around 1 week, I received my t-shirt, freshly printed and shipped all the way from France!

As you can see, the kitten from my picture printed exactly as it should on my new grey blue t-shirt. The quality of the printing is excellent, and as good as it gets, and it seems like it won't wash off easily unlike some of the more cheaper options for t-shirt printing that you can get out there. The colour of the t-shirt compared to what I saw online was also similar, meaning that what you make is REALLY what you'll get. The shirt is also made of cotton and is very thick, unlike some other poor-quality shirts that you sometimes find out there.

I can't find anything bad to say about Wordans and their t-shirt printing shop. Wordans is trustworthy and made sure I received my shirt on time,  I always give my honest opinions, but this t-shirt is truly high-quality, comfortable and best of all, it's completely your own design. It would be a great idea for artists or hobbyists to print their own drawings on a t-shirt and wear them around!

Thank you Wordans for making me one happy girl because the t-shirt I made turned out to be amazing and I'm just very impressed by their quality and customer service. I'd definitely use it again! Don't forget to check out their shop and try them next time you need to give a special gift to someone, or need help making t-shirts for camps and school trips.

Let me know- what did you think of my personalised t-shirt with the dancing kitten?

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