Monday, June 1, 2015

Vitamin C Toner from InstaNatural

Do you use toner? I've recently started using the Vitamin C toner from InstaNatural, which you can find on Amazon. I was attracted to this toner because of the Vitamin C, which helps heal scarred skin and helps improve the skin's regeneration. Vitamin C also is an essential nutrient that is vital to developing skin health and youthfulness, helping the body to produce collagen, which is what keeps your skin elastic and supple.

I've never used toner before, but after a bit of research I found out that toner is great as an extra step after cleansing, because it helps moisturise your skin and prepare your face for better absorption of any moisturiser you might use.

I've used this toner from InstaNatural for about a week now and here's what I honestly think:

  • It doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, in fact I haven't noticed any more outbreaks after using this.
  • It helps moisturise my skin and makes it extra smooth after spraying.
  • The handy spray nozzle is great for convenience, instead of having to use cotton pads.
  • The smell is slightly strong in my opinion. I'd rather have something that didn't smell so citrus-like, but apart from that it fades really fast. 

You can buy the Vitamin C toner here on Amazon, and it comes with free shipping to UK customers.


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