Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Best Fashion Accessories for 2015

Want to accessorise in 2015? What should you look for? What are the stars wearing? Depending on your fashion sense, where you plan on using your new accessories, and what your budget is, there are quite a few great accessories to choose from.

Many online catalogues such as Fashion World, Very and Isme provide an excellent base to start your search with some of the UK's top fashion celebrities showing off their own brands. See here for a full list of catalogues.

These are some of the best fashion accessories of 2015 for shoppers who love to look the part, to consider.

1. Jonathan Saunders boots -
Curious styles, unique "o-ring" shaped closures, high quality leather. Pricey? Yes. But, these boots are eye catchers. Best of all, you can easily pair them up with any outfit, and dress them up or down for any occasion which you plan on wearing them for.

2. Tassels -
Boat shoes with tassels, new sandals with draping tassels, or shoes with tassel closures are in. Metallic, shiny, and bright, the right shoes, with this small detail, will go a long way to making any outfit stand out and pop.

3. Extravagant hats -
Big hats are in. Women who love to make a statement will love the large brim, rounded flow that these hats offer. Wide leather brims are chic, stylish, and make a statement with any outfit you put on. Beach day or going out for brunch, these hats are in.

4. Large necklaces -
Large, dangling, and bright. These are some of the current trends in jewellery. A bold, bright, large ornate piece of jewellery will make any outfit. If you like to stand out and be seen, large, long, and flowing necklaces are in.

5. Gloves -
Yes, it is summer; with this said, gloves are in. Light leather, chic and imaginative designs, white colour, are some of the hot trends which are currently in.

Although not everyone can pull off all the latest trends, these are some which are currently popping out in the fashion world. If you love to accessorize, consider a few of these great, classic pieces to add to your wardrobe.


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