Monday, June 15, 2015

Go Eco Store feature- Heart Earrings

I recently received a pair of Slim Heart Earrings from Go Eco Store's Recycled jewellery line. I really love the fact that the earrings are made from 100% recycled products, and also the fact that the shop sells products of all kinds made from recycled goods, including necklaces, bags, clocks, prints, shot glasses, bracelets, lights from coke bottles, metal decorations and so on. These eco-friendly earrings look stylish and environmentally friendly at the same time. With climate change becoming an important issue these days, it's all the more important for people to recycle and innovate at the same time. 

The store's Slim Heart Earrings are handmade in North Wales from recycled tins cut into unusual and unique pieces of jewellery. The pattern comes from recycled cake tins, so each pair is unique in that the pattern is going to vary according to where the tin is cut. It comes with a long hook which slides into your ears, and they're very comfortable to wear. The earrings are lightweight but sturdy, which is perfect for a night out or a party. I got a lot of compliments when wearing these earrings! 

I think that these earrings, or any recycled jewellery are perfect gifts because they are eco-friendly,  different, creative and unusual. Aren't they great?

Do remember to check out Go Eco Store at and let me know what you think about eco-friendly jewellery! 


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