Thursday, June 19, 2014

KPop2- EyeTeck Iris Brown Circle Lens Review

Hey dears! I'm lucky enough to be able to review the EyeTeck Iris Brown 14.2mm circle lens from KPop2, for you today. It's my new favourite pair of lens because it's actually really natural compared to other colored circle lens, and they are really comfortable! I wore them for my university May Ball yesterday for over 8 hours and they didn't get dry or uncomfortable at all. These are definitely must-haves if you're a lens lover like me. Take a look at some pictures below at the ball, all glammed up and ready to go with my lens and eye make-up! 

My package came really fast and included a small, cute lens container. As you can see, they look brown and are patterned with a black outer spiral-like rim. I really like the color because it's absolutely gorgeous and makes me feel really confident and extra special! Wearing circle lenses makes your eyes bigger too- these have a nice enlarging effect and compliment my brown hair well. There are seriously no disadvantages to these lenses- I didn't experience irritation or anything when I was wearing these lenses. 

I had a great time at the ball and took lots of beautiful photos. But my look is only complete with these lovely circle lens from KPop2- so thank you so much Kpop2 and please check them out if you can! They have a lot of different types of circle lens suitable for all different tastes and skin tones. You can check out these lenses here! I'd definitely recommend them fully and honestly - they're one of the most comfortable and natural pair of lens I own. 

What do you think of them? 


  1. Those give you a really pretty natural look. Like your eyes but better if you get what I mean. I'm glad you had fun!

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