Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Best Upcoming Women's Shoe Brands

With so many different shoe shops to visit, and a limited amount of time it can be very frustrating. This guide will highlight some of the best upcoming women's shoe brands to save some time.

Ruby Shoo 

Ruby Shoo specialises in designing unique looking shoes which look special.

The shoes themselves are quite modern but do have some vintage elements. Ruby Shoo has only been commercially producing shoes since 2010, however they have become an instant hit. Ruby Shoo designs are quite unusual, it will probably leave most of your friends wondering where on earth you bought the unique shoes from. One example of a boutique who sells these shoes is They are more than just a pair of shoes, they are a real fashion statement.

Van Dal 

Van Dal prides itself on designing and producing comfortable and high quality women's shoes which will last for many years to come. They have been in business since 1936 and have many loyal customers. Van Dal are now sourcing some of their shoes from different countries. However they are still proud to say they are very much "Made in England".


Lotus shoes is by no means a new company, they have been producing shoes until 1759. They are very proud of their heritage but are continually evolving and creating new fashion trends. Lotus is regarded as being one of the best designer shoe brands for women this year.

They generally stay ahead of the trends and create their own unique style. Lotus makes shoes which are suitable for all ages, they are also designed to be comfortable as well as fashionable. Hopefully this list of three of the best upcoming fashionable women's shoe brands will give you a good starting point.

All three make high quality shoes which will last you for many years. Remember, you can never have too many pairs of shoes!


  1. I am such a shoe this post definitely spoke to me. I love these!

  2. These are lovely. And they do look comfy too.

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