Thursday, August 1, 2013

Won't You Come Over

I've been working for a summer post since last month and it's nearly over... Days of working in an office with freezing cold air-conditioner, missing staples, studious colleagues, gossiping ladies and a dim, underused, outdated desktop computer are finally coming to an end. After that, I'm free to catch up on my long-overdue school work, studies and general catch-up work. 

Basically, I've got to change my mindset from "holiday mood" in the summer to "university mode" - to all university students out there, we can do it! 

Being an office lady is not that interesting, to be perfectly frank. Apart from the cold, I have had to deal with clogged toilets (and dirty looks from the ladies next to me) and the smell of microwave food filling the rooms! And so, being a girl with nothing much to do, I decided to fiddle with my hair and create a long braid. 

Indie Song of the Week:
Devantra Banhart - Won't You Come Over 

Did you get a summer job this year? What is it like ? 


  1. Console yourself thinking it's all experience that will be useful later.

  2. I need myself an office job! I am tired of feeling sweaty and I'm getting too tan :( Oh well!

  3. I don't think I can't be an office
    lady, I want to be free and move
    alot :P The clogged toilets sounds
    horrid really. Xx


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