Tuesday, August 6, 2013

DIY face mask - Blueberry Grape and Baking Powder

I have been suffering from a bout of cheek clogged pores, not acne, for the past few months due to the change in air quality of where I live. I just came back from a cleaner area and am living in my polluted city for the summer, and my pores have been filled with so much dirt, excess oil and formed tiny blackheads in the T-zone and foreheads. My cheeks have lots of clogged pores too.

I'm going to use the next month to test DIY facial masks at home. I'll rate each one so hopefully, all you girls who want to try it for yourself can see how they work on me.

Blueberry + Grape + Baking Powder Face Mask 

I created this DIY mask mix because each ingredient is supposed to help your skin in some way. Blueberries and grapes contain natural juices and vitamins, as well as enzymes which can help purify the skin and add some nutrients that hopefully can be absorbed. I've also read amazing things about blueberries, such as the levels of antioxidants, that can help give skin a healthier glow.

Baking powder is essentially baking soda, which forms little bubbles and cleans your face. I have heard that washing your face with baking soda once a week works wonders for cleaning blackheads, but I've tried this before and it didn't quite work. Nonetheless, it's worth a mix as my skin was really dirty.

Results - The Goods

  • Blackheads across the T-zone, nose and upper cheeks are gone - surprisingly the baking powder did it's job and cleaned my blackheads. I can't see any visible blackheads on my nose and cheek pores anymore after I washed the paste away, so it worked really well.
  • Skin felt smoother - but not dramatically. 
  • Smelt quite good - the mixture smells of blueberry milk and the baking powder didn't give off any unpleasant smell. 
  • Light and easy - the consistency of the facial mask is quite light and airy, because the baking powder gave off bubbles. 
  • Easy to apply - due to the lightness, it was spreadable and easy to apply. 

The Bads
  • Acne areas felt irritated - the areas that I had inflamed spots felt a little itchy during and after the face mask. 
  • Some pores got red - only those pores which had bumps got slightly red.
  • The mixture turned blue - it looked a bit strange after a while when the blueberry was blended. 
  • Didn't dry - I washed it off after 7 minutes and it was still wet when I removed it. 


An average mask which felt good on areas which were not inflamed or sensitive. I have some spots on the left side of my cheeks from before and these areas felt a little irritated during the application. However, it worked wonders for my blackheads across the cheeks and nose, so I'm happy. 


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