Monday, August 5, 2013

Ricola Portable Charger

I recently won a portable Ricola charger off their official Facebook page, where the first one hundred fans who signs up receives a prize everyday. I'm a sucker for freebies, free samples and heck, even paid samples (think makeup, lotions and the like) but to my surprise, I actually received an email saying I won the USB charger this morning and can claim my prize at a goods centre nearby.

Sometimes, if I win a prize online, I don't bother going to claim it because prize centres in Hong Kong are sometimes so far away. Some are located in remote factory areas, or some are so hard to get to - I remember winning something once and just totally forgetting about it. Luckily, the confirmation email said that the shop was coincidentally very near where I worked. So I got off work at 6 p.m., walked over a few streets and claimed my hard-earned prize on the 30th floor of a commercial building.

The charger turned out to be so lovely - it's actually shaped like a Ricola candy tube and has a similar size, a bit larger because it does contain a USB hub and a charging outlet. It came with a USB cable with changeable heads, which means that pretty much any phone can be used if you get the right head from any computer shop.

I love the packaging, especially the Ricola candy design. Since my phone always runs out of battery, I always carry a portable phone charger around my bag. My old one is really heavy and large though, it's white and bulky, though powerful. This one seems to charge slower, but it's definitely cuter, lighter, brighter and smaller.

For a freebie, it's pretty awesome. When I'm in the UK, I always sign up for free products or samples online, and wait for a package to come to my doorstep. The biggest reason why I enjoy getting free things is because it feels like I get presents all year round. I get very excited, it's always so thrilling when a package comes in the mail when I arrive home from school, all wrapped up and puffy, ready to be opened.

And when I finally tear the wrapping and devour the contents, pieces of paper, adverts, bubble wrap, packaging and coupons, I feel a sense of...satisfaction. Huge satisfaction and contentment. It feels like Christmas everyday!

Do you like freebies? What's the best free item you've ever received? 


  1. Congratulations with winning this awesome
    Of course I like freebies :P don't we all?!
    I think the freebie foods are my favorite
    types haha!

  2. Oh Ricola is such a blast from the past - I always used to buy these in HK when I was younger. This was a great competition win - I keep meaning to buy a portable charger, they're so useful especially when you're out and about.

  3. Really nice O_O
    I love freebies! I can't remember the best I got, but I love the drawings of the free notebooks and calendar of l'erbolario.

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