Friday, April 8, 2011

you can always go down town ...


grace floral cloche hat, gray/ white striped tank, blue extra long jumper, navy blue leggings, black ballet flats or brown tru-naris with polka dot socks, blue indie bangles, star necklace


... maybe you know some little places to go where they never Petula Clark puts it, just forget all your troubles and go downtown, where all the lights are bright and you're gonna be alright...

Hello dear reader. You have officially stumbled upon my blog, the place where I hope start a little network to read and be read in vast, vast cyberspace...

Who am I ? I am a free thinking, living, breathing individual with a fascination with hats, clothes and the human being. Oh, and also thoughts, punctuation and dogs. I have a liking for long, complex sentences. I enjoy observing and analyzing little bits and pieces of life, with a little help of my friends, music and some good old fashion brownies besides me.

I'm going to express. Express my thoughts, feelings and everything about life with PICTURES. I am a self-confessed shopaholic and photo-shop addict. I enjoy taking pictures of myself, and then playing around with the colors and mood.


I love the outfit as it's all blue. Blue is definitely my favourite color and it's really bold, bright and vibrant. Some people think blue doesn't look good on them, or that it's hard to mix and match. What they don't realize is that blue is young, hip and IN, it matches anything well if you choose to wear it with a straight back, good posture and beautiful hats.

Apologies for the crappy iphone camera picture of my outfit for today. Bear with me till I get my camera.

I believe a picture can speak a thousand words, which is a beautiful thing. It should also be presented in the best possible light, an inspiration, something that not only looks beautiful, but conveys beautiful thoughts. And that can only come from within.

I'm feeling really nostalgic today. Good thing for a first post - makes me write more. Why nostalgic, you ask ? I've been listening to music from my old school days, back in high school, like Craig David's 'Officially Yours' and Daniel Merriweather's 'Red'. These song brings me back to the days of laughter, stress and tears... Good times.


This is my little piece of land in cyberspace. I claim it today - April 8th - typing away in my first post in the university library with a bottle of green tea, my mac, my phone and bag next to me.


  1. Just came across your blog.. It's gonna be way cute, I can already tell! You're darling!

    <a href=">Jess</a>

  2. Whoops! Ignore that messed up HTML tag ;)

  3. hi florence! welcome in the bloggersphere! promoting isn't that easy and you already captured the best way: let a lot of comments about your brandnew blog on other, most people will come over to check! :D
    Good luck!

  4. Great hat, those pictures of you are so cute!

    Froso from Style Nirvana.


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