Sunday, April 10, 2011

i've been going round and round, up and down...

my rule for home outfits - 3 "Cs" and an "S": comfortable, casual, simple and cute 

stripey blue tee ("fun fun!"), hair bun, freudian slip when attempting to write 'frustration' for contract law,  trying to look intelligent in my roommate's black nerd glasses 


You may have noticed I tend to update and post quite frequently. Very frequently, more than other fashion/ lifestyle bloggers out there who post every two-three days. So I would like to offer a little explanation as to why this is the case with my blog... the short answer: the MACBOOK.

I own a macbook pro and use it as my main source of entertainment. Photoshop has always been my hobby, even back when I owned Windows XP, but the change in operating system really made my love for photography, photo manipulation and editing more intense than ever. 

Now, photoshop runs faster, the screen's graphics are crystal clear, and since entering college, most of my time has been spent sitting in front of a screen, typing away, munching on food and checking the piles and piles of emails.


testing another home outfit - grey vintage woolen pullover, rolled upwards to give it a cropped look, sky blue denim shorts 

I use the convenient, in-built iphoto that the macbook pro comes with for most of my portraits, especially ones of the face. It is too easy to open it up,  click the little red button and snap a shot of myself in whatever state I'm in ( just-got-out-of-bed/ all-made-up/ procrastinating-but-in-denial/ just-plain-bored).

I'm in love with iphoto. I think it's one of the greatest webcams to use when taking photos for blogs and things, especially with yourself. It creates a nice, bubbly and warm feeling to my face. And I usually snap a photo of myself quite often just so I remember what I look like when I'm old and withering. Documenting my life is fun, I see it as a record of my daily/ weekly/ yearly changes. I try to take shots every day or every other day....

This means I get a lot of photos I can use to put up on this blog. I have so much choice in the photo-book... plus I get to practice photo manipulation and share with all you awesome readers! 


Show me where I belong tonight

Give me a reason to stay. 
No matter if I go left or right

I always come back to your love


  1. I have a macbook and I love it. I want to use photoshop but I can't figure it out. Did you teach yourself?
    Cute blog btw!
    Want to follow each other?

  2. you hair is lovely and very adorable,.

  3. amazing photos :) i follow you, do you follow me ?

  4. cute photos:) I like the way your home hairstyle looks:) pretty good for every day, actually:)

  5. Love your shorts
    Comment/follow and we'll follow back

  6. oh me too! homewear has to be very comfty!

  7. Thanks for your visit and your comment.
    I' m not very good about promoting my own blog. The only thing I know is; the more you comment and follow other blogs, the more followers you get. If you learn something more, please let me know :))

  8. PS: I+m following you now :D I´d love if you followed back (if you like my blog)

    have a wonderful day :)

  9. Cute outfit! I love Mac. Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. :)

  10. That is an amazing Topknot !! Mine always look like I have fallen out of bed (not good) aww my bloke has a Mac, I love using the photo booth every now and than :)
    (to answer your question) Yes I have used heaps of clay masks, they are very good for deep cleansing but sometimes dry my skin out too much. I use to work for Lush, and I love their face masks they use clay in a lot of them.

  11. I'm following you now.
    Can't wait for you to follow me :)

  12. love your bun, and your striped shirt is so cute! thanks for finding my blog :)

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  13. Im so jealous..mac books look so much fun!! you are sooo cute :) Love the bun inyo hair x

  14. thanks for following and thanks for the lovely comment on the blog. h

    love m.
    keep in touch

  15. your outfit looks great here, love it x

  16. Love your hair up!

  17. Oh that sounds amazing :D thank you cutie <3

  18. love your hair like this!
    Qute photos!

    i love the song you put into the post

    i have a new post,maybe you can take a look!
    everyday a new post

    xxx mirjam

  19. Those are also my rules for home outfits. Cute blog. Keep up the good work and photos!

  20. i like ur shorts! and the rules are so cute :3 and nice photos ^6 thanks for the comment! I'm folowing now :)

  21. Love the bun hun, cute. I dig the striped tee & the grey vintage pullover.

  22. You make me wanna get a Macbook :)
    Love the grey pullovers!


  23. i love your little hair bun! you're so darling. i wish i was as skinny as you girl! owow


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